Basement Flooring, Central Florida

There are several good options for your new basement flooring in Central Florida.

Basement Flooring, Central FloridaIf your home or office has a basement, you may know that some types of basement flooring are better than others. Because this part of the property is beneath the ground, the risk of flooding is higher than in other rooms or levels. As a result, carpeting may not be an ideal selection because the padding and soft fibers will absorb water in the event of a flood, leading to growth of mold and mildew. Here in the Central Florida area, the humidity levels are also fairly high, which means that carpeting may not be a great option. But carpet is the warmest flooring option, so it may still be your first choice. If you do select carpeting for your basement flooring, consider choosing a style with shorter fibers.

Another good option for basement flooring is laminate or vinyl. Both of these flooring styles are moisture-resistant and durable, which means they won’t be damaged by humidity. If you spill something on a vinyl or laminate floor, it’s easy to wipe up and keep it clean. Many people use their basements for storage, with heavy boxes and containers resting on top of the floors. Both vinyl and laminate can handle heavy loads on top of them without becoming dented or damaged.

Hardwood or ceramic tiles may not be as good of a choice for basement flooring because of the risk of damage. Hardwood is a costly investment and can easily become scratched or dinged if things are dropped on it. Ceramic tile can also crack or chip.

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