Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood floors are timeless. They are such a high-quality type of flooring and so beautiful. They also fit with practically every style of home. As you consider different types of flooring, this is definitely a good option.

If you’re having a hardwood flooring installation in your home, here are some pointers for what to expect.

  • Select the color, style, and size of hardwood planks that you want installed.
  • Have your subfloor evaluated for any damage that may need to be fixed.
  • Everything will need to be moved off the floors and out of the way prior to the hardwood flooring installation.
  • Sufficiently clean the subfloor before the installation.
  • We’ll arrive with all the tools and materials that are needed to complete the installation.
  • We will meet with you to discuss the details and timing of the installation.
  • Following the install, there will be leftover dust and debris that will need to be cleaned.
  • You’ll need to carefully inspect the new flooring to make sure it is complete and exactly how you want it.

After investing in a hardwood flooring installation, it’s important to properly clean and care for the flooring. If you maintain it correctly, it should be years before you need to make any updates to the floors. Unless there is water or some sort of other damage, you shouldn’t need to refinish the floors for quite a while. 

To revitalize older hardwood floors in the future, they’ll need to be sanded and finished with clear coating. If they need it or you want a different tone, you can also re-stain the floors.