Kitchen Floors

Kitchens are some of the most highly trafficked areas in the home. For this reason, we often recommend more durable materials to be used for kitchen floors. They have to put up with lots of foot traffic, heavy kitchen equipment, and spills and dropped kitchen utensils. If you want to keep your kitchen floors looking great, you want to start out with a great product.

Beyond choosing a good flooring option for your kitchen floor, proper floor maintenance goes a long way in keeping your kitchen flooring in pristine condition. If you have linoleum or vinyl flooring in your kitchen, maintenance should be pretty easy. Sweeping and mopping is generally enough to keep your kitchen floors looking clean. To prevent scratching the surface of your floors, put pieces of felt or rubber on the bottom of your chairs and kitchen table and any other pieces of furniture that you move around your kitchen. Scratches aren’t able to be removed from linoleum and vinyl, and those sections will just have to be replaced if they become damaged.

Hardwood flooring has become a popular choice for kitchen floors despite the fact that it requires a little more attention to keep it looking nice. It’s not hard to keep your hardwood floors looking good if you are willing to stay on top of the maintenance. The first rule of hardwood is to keep moisture off of the floor. If you have a spill, mop it up immediately, or the water will seep into the wood and cause it to warp. It is also important to sweep your hardwood floors frequently to prevent the build-up of dirt, which can scratch the surface of your hardwoods.

If you put in the effort to keep your kitchen floors in good condition, you will not only have great-looking floors, but extend their life, as well!