Like most decorating decisions, there are pros and cons to whatever you are considering. The biggest draw to using glass tile flooring is for the look you can achieve with it. Glass tile is beautiful and will elevate the look of your flooring to something glamorous and lavish. Glass tile is very versatile, and you will be able to create countless designs with tiles cut to your desired size. If design and beauty is what you are looking for, tile is a great pick for you.

Pros and Cons of Using Glass Tile Flooring

Other pros to using glass tile flooring include its cleanliness and durability. Glass tile is not very porous, so dirt and grime will not sink into the tile. Its lack of pores make it resistant to stains and mold buildup. It does tend to show dirt very easily, which will make you clean it more often (whether that is a pro or con is up to you). While you may not think so given its name, glass tile is also very durable and will be resistant to cracking.
Glass Tile Flooring
The biggest downfall of glass tile is the cost. The cost depends a lot on the size of the tile and the intricacies of your design, and it can escalate quickly. You can get a beautiful look, but it will most likely be one of your more expensive options. Along with the initial cost, if your floor does get damaged, it can be very expensive to replace. And while glass tile flooring is very durable, it is prone to scratches that can build up and become more evident through the years, likely leaving you wanting to replace it. To help with this, there are some finishes that can help prevent the scratches and particular colors that help camouflage the damage.